Balkan Beat Box on tour

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East neets West. Gipsy are going to conquer us all! And the party goes on and on and on...

Balkan Beat Box
La Bush Resistance Tour Pt. 2

09.02.06 A-Wien / WUK
10.02.06 D-Bielefeld / Forum
11.02.06 S-Stockholm / Södra Teatern
12.02.06 D-Berlin / Glashaus***
14.02.06 F-Paris / Nouveau Casino
15.02.06 F-St-Nazaire / Vip
16.02.06 F-Amiens / Lune des Pirates
17.02.06 F-Alençon / La Luciole
18.02.06 F-Evreux / Abordage

***Balkan Beat Box has invited Palestinian Rap group DAM to join them on stage in Berlin - a friendly handshake in preoccupying times.

More info on DAM (You can download their video here)

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