Talco Maskerade - neues Video "Freak"

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Nachdem die Band seit Dezember wöchentlich neue Tracks des kommenden Albums LOCKTOWN vorgestellt hat, flankiert durch Live-Videos vom Reeperbahnfestival 2020, gibt es jetzt die zweite Auskopplung inkl. neuem Video (VÖ via HFMN Crew/Cargo).

"The waltz of a freak, a mutilated monster with no arms that, however, thanks to his imagination, still makes it to draw its own happiness. Everybody laughs at him; his viewers vents on him their cynicism and evil. The show starts and ends every day, and the monster still holds to his happiness, the frustrating loneliness of it´s life makes the witnesses envy that happiness they laugh at before. A song dedicated to the cathartic power of culture and art."

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