01.02.2007 Playlist #23

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hier wieder die Songs in Abspielreihenfolge:

The Busters - Hey Bartender (Album: Welcome to Busterland, Label: Dogsteady Rec., VÖ: 1999)
The Busters - Make a Move (Album: Make a Move, Label: Dogsteady Rec., VÖ: 1998)
Spitfire - Fuzzball Freak (Album: Ska Ska Skandal 5, Label: Pork Pie, VÖ: 2006)
Dr. Ring-Ding - You’ll never walk alone (Album: Ska Ska Skandal 5, Label: Pork Pie, VÖ: 2006)
The Special Guests - My baby just cares for me (Album: Suspicious Delicious, VÖ: 2005)
Liberator - Mr. Wright (Album: Worldwide Delivery, Label: Burning Hearts Rec., VÖ: 2003)
Furillo - Thrasher Chicks (Album: Break the Game, Label: Wolverine Rec.)
Victor Rice - The Whip (Album: In America, Label: Grover Rec., VÖ: 2003)
The Slackers - Sidney’s Dub (Album: An Afternoon in Dub, Label: Echo Beach)
Firebug - We are not the same (Album: On the Move, Label: Grover Rec., VÖ: 2006)
Atomic Fireballs - Man with the Hex (Album: Torch this Place, Label: Lava Rec., VÖ: 1999)
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot (Album: Zoot Suit Riot, Label: Space Age Rec., VÖ: 1997)
The Skoidats - Apathy (Album: A Cure for what ales you, Label: Moon Ska Europe, VÖ: 2000)
The Aggrolites - Lightning & Thunder (Album: s/t, Label: Hellcat Rec., VÖ: 2006)