11.11.2010 Playlist #61

Sie sind hier

hier wieder die Songs in Abspielreihenfolge:

Red Hot Chili Pipers – Let me entertain you (Album: Music for the kilted generation, Label: Rel (New Music Distribution), VÖ: 2010)
The Valkyrians – Not this time (Album: The beat of our street, Label: Fat Belt Rec/Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2009)
Brain Dead – Pointing fingers (Album: Weapons of the weak, Label: Dirty Faces Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Dumbell – Fuc Rock, let’s kill (Album: Death ray, Label: No Solution Rec, VÖ: 2010)
The Beatdown – One night (Album: s/t, Label: Stomp Rec/Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Voodoo Moon – Voodoo Working (Album: Moon base, Label: Get On! Rec, VÖ: 2010)
The Magic Touch – Hard workin’ man (Album: Love, Hate & Politricks, Label: Grover Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Chefdenker – Stalker (Album: Römisch Vier, Label: Trillerfisch Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Pascow – 2,5 Minuten echte Gefühle (Album: Alles muss kaputt sein, Label: Rookie Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Yellow Umbrella – Oh girl (Album: A thousand faces, Label: Rain Rec/Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Kalles Kaviar – King and queen (Album: Ooh ooh yeah yeah, Label: Leech Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Slartybartfast – You (Album: Terrifying, Label: 808 Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Outsiders Joy – Yes we can (Album: Yes we can, Label: Hulk Rec, VÖ: 2010)
The One Night Band – First I look at the purse (Album: Hit & Run, Label: Stomp Rec/leech Rec, VÖ: 2008)
Venerea – Better day (Album: Lean back in anger, Label: Concrete Jungle Rec, VÖ: 2010)
NoRMAhl – Berlin (Album: Jong’r, VÖ: 2010)
The Caroloregians – Mars in hell (Album: Organic Coal Beat From The Groovy Mines, Label: Grover Rec, VÖ: 2006)