12.10.2006 Playlist #19

Sie sind hier

hier wieder die Songs in Abspielreihenfolge:

Los Tres Puntos - Vampiro (Album: 10 ans ferme, Label: -, VÖ: 2006)
Skaos – I spy (Album: Ham & Eggs, Label: Vielklang/Pork Pie, VÖ: 1996)
John James & the Soulmakers – Rude Girls (Album: Sixtynine People, Label: Red Head Man, VÖ: 2004)
Western Special – Will you? (Album: Moonlightin’, Label: Hannibal’s Records, VÖ: 2003)
TwoToneClub – Tribute to Lloyd (Album: Turn off, Label: Grover Records, VÖ: Trojan Records, VÖ: 2004)
Springtime – Pushed away into the darkness (Album: Stones in my Passway, Label: Hazzard Records, VÖ: 2005)
La Ruda Salska – Le bruit de bang (Album: L’art de joie, Label: -, VÖ: 1998)
Ginseng Bonbons – Luge Pirates (Album: Peace for the puzzled, Label: -, VÖ: Okt. 2002)
Bassistinti - Callalo (Album: Don’t cry for me…, Label: Tube Records, VÖ: 2004)
King Kong Bool Factory – La Machine à café (Album: s/t, Label: Fred Victor Records, VÖ: 2006)
The Aggrolites – Countryman Fiddle (Album: s/t, Label: Hellcat Records, VÖ: 2006)
The Moon Invaders – Old Friend (Album: Breakin’ Free, Label: Grover Records, VÖ: 2005)
Deal’s gone bad – Old fashioned way (Album: Guide to boat drinks and cruise cocktails, Label: Jump up Rec/Mad Butcher Rec, VÖ: 2002)
Lord Mike’s dirty Calypsonians – Big Bamboo (Album: More…, Label: Jump up Rec, VÖ: 2006)
RokkaTone - Talking (Album: In this life, Label: Grover Rec, VÖ: 13.10.2006)
Jim Murple Memorial – It’s easy (Album: Five’n’yellow, Label: Skycap, VÖ: Okt. 2006)