15.07.2010 Playlist #57

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hier wieder die Songs in Abspielreihenfolge:

Babylove & the Van Dangos – The Money & the Time (A: The Money & the Time, L: Lover’s Choice Rec, VÖ: 2010)
The Hollowpoints – No Name (A: Old haunts on the Horizon, L: Concrete Jungle Rec, VÖ: 2010)
No Name – Dragon Spirit (A: This is what we believe, L: Razorblade Music, VÖ: 2010)
Bad Manners – Home of football (Liquidator) (A: Ska...Ska...Skandal No. 5, L: Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2006)
Yellow Cap – Adult (A: Like it or not, L: self/Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Farin Urlaub Racing Team – Der Frauenflüsterer (A: Zu heiß Sgl., L: Völker hört die Tonträger, VÖ: 2010)
Balzac – Day with Dustcover (A: Solt EP /w Bela B, L: Gan Shin, VÖ: 2007)
Mike Patton – Urlo negro (A: Mondo Cane, L: Ipecac Rec, VÖ: 2010)
Mr. T-Bone – I mean (A: Mr. T-Bone sees America, L: Megalith Rec, VÖ: 2004)
The Statt Matratzen – Piste 05 (A: previously unreleased, L: Noch auf Suche!)
Cobra – It’s up to you (A: Hello! This is Cobra, L: Knock Out Rec, VÖ: 2007)
The Slackers – Because (A: The great Rocksteady Swindle, L: Hellcat Rec, VÖ: 2010)
The Magic Touch – Gimme some more (A: Love, Hate and Politricks (p.u.), L: self, VÖ: 20.08.2010)
The Nicks – Dirty old ska (A: Armed & Dangerous, L: self, VÖ: 2009)