15.11.2012 Playlist #83

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hier wieder die Songs in Abspielreihenfolge:

  • Dr. Ring-Ding Ska Vaganza – All the way to the moon (A: Piping Hot, L: Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 23.11.2012)
  • Yellow Umbrella feat. Dr. Ring-Ding – Time Time Time (A: A thousand Faces, L: Rain Rec, VÖ: 2010)
  • Yellow Umbrella – Oh Girl (A: Live at the Groovestation, Label: Rain Rec, VÖ: 2011)
  • No Authority – Far away (A: Between here and out of control, L: Flight 13, VÖ: 2012)
  • Dr. Woggle & the Radio – Keep me hanging on (A: Weinheim City Live, L: Rocking Rec, VÖ: 2012)
  • Mad Caddies – Villains (A: Just One More, L: Fat Wreck Chords, VÖ: 2003)
  • Talco – Danza dell’autumno rosa (A: Gran Gala, L: Destiny Rec, VÖ: 23.11.2012)
  • Mr. T-Bone with The Caroloregians – Quando vedrai la mia regazza (A: The Italian Job (7’’), L: Grover Supreme, VÖ: 30.11.2012)
  • Rude Rich & The Highnotes – All I have is love (A: Tribute to the Greats, L: Grover Rec, VÖ: 26.10.2012)
  • Babylove & The Van Dangos – Bathhouse so sweet (A: Let it come, let t go, L: VoR, VÖ: 2012)
  • Laternen Joe – Voice of Joe (A: Ist das noch Punkrock?, L: Hot Action Rec, VÖ: 2012)
  • The Valkyrians & Red Soul Community – Geronimo (A: A boss tribute to Nancy Sinatra, L: Grover Supreme, VÖ: 30.11.2012)
  • Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Stumpfe Parolen (A: Scheitern & Verstehen, L: Audiolith, VÖ: 2012)
  • The Steadytones – Be mine (A: The Return of Mojo, L: Grover Supreme, VÖ: 30.11.2012)
  • The Magic Touch – The way you smile (A: Shocks of Lightning, L: Grover Rec, VÖ: 2012)
  • Dr. Ring-Ding Ska Vaganza – Piping Hot (A: Piping Hot, L: Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 23.11.2012)