22.04.2010 Playlist #55

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hier wieder die Songs in Abspielreihenfolge:

New York Dolls – Trash (Album: New York Dolls, Label: Mercury (Universal), VÖ: 2003)
Markscheider Kunst – ?Track 3? (Album: St. Petersburg - Kinshasa Tranzit, Label: Gala Rec, VÖ: 2003)
Deadline – Fraud (Album: Bring the house down, Label: People like you (EMI), VÖ: 2010)
The Debonaires – Out of my life (Album: Longshout, Label: Jump Up Rec, VÖ: 2005)
After Hours – Once in a while (Album: The Problem with those guys is..., Label: Jump Up Rec)
Chumbawamba – Voices, that’s all (Album: ABCDEFG, Label: Westpark, VÖ: 2010)
Madness – Forever Young (Album: The liberty of Norton Folgate, Label: Minitry O (Edel), VÖ: 2009)
The Aggrolites – Firecracker (Album: IV, Label: Hellcat Rec, VÖ: 2009)
The Slackers – Sooner or Later (Album: Better late than never (remastered), Label: Special potato Rec, VÖ: 2002)
Rubberslime – Song 1 (Album: First Attack, Label: Dröönland Prod., VÖ: 2003)
La Familia Torelli – Over the River (Album: Beyond organic, Label: Redstar73 Rec, VÖ: 2009)