30.05.2013 Playlist #89

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hier wieder die Songs in Abspielreihenfolge:

  • The Beatdown – One Night (A: self, L: Leech Rec/Stomp Rec, VÖ: 2010)
  • The Beatdown – the river (A: Walkin’ proud, L: Destiny Rec, VÖ: 2012)
  • Mr. T-Bone & the Young Lions – Then I saw you (A: Nothing to lose, Label: Jump up Rec, VÖ: 2010)
  • OXO 86 – Jetzt keine Tränen (A: Stories of suburbia (split with Mona reloaded), L: Sunny Bastards, VÖ: 2011)
  • The Aggrolites – Jimmy Jack (A: Dirty Reggae, L: Axe Rec, VÖ: 2003)
  • Jogit Beat – Chickenswing (A: Freakin out, L: Valve Rec, VÖ: 2003)
  • Dr. Ring-Ding Ska-Vaganza – All because I love you (A: Piping Hot, L: Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2012)
  • Keyser Soze – Soul Ska (A: The Remedy, L: Rocking Rec, VÖ: 2013)
  • aRevo – Es wird wieder Sommer (A: Announced Revolution: Das orange Album, L: self, VÖ: 2013)
  • Bad Drugs – I don’t care (A: I like (EP), L: Dancing in the Dark, VÖ: 2013)
  • Yellow Umbrella – Oh Girl (Boooo’s Song) (A: A thousand faces, L: Rain Rec/Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2010)
  • The Gramophone Allstars – In a sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington) (A: Simbiosi, L: Liquidator, VÖ: 2010)
  • The Upsessions – Beat me Reggae (A: Below the belt, L: Grover Rec, VÖ: 2011)
  • Yellow Umbrella – Freedom Fries (A: A thousand faces, L: Rain Rec/Pork Pie Rec, VÖ: 2010)